I am Lijo Joseph 
with more than 
10 years in design. 
I’m a UI+Visual designer 
from Bangalore, India. 
Focused on web/mobile design.

I am passionate about creating products with a strong visual identity. 
It helps digital brands move to the next level and increase user engagement.

I am also building design systems tailored to products’ needs. 
Working together with team members to get all the design 
processes in place.
Keep it simple
It’s easy to understand what is 
going on and how we can interact.

Clear usability
Achieve a goal without friction 
via the fastest route.
India & Middle East based. 20 + identities
successfully delivered for brands such as
Bait Al Kandora, RAK Tourism and
InterContinental Hotels. Work featured
both online and offline. Ability to work
under pressure and still deliver to the
highest international standards.
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